Renting out your property in Amsterdam?

Renting out your property in Amsterdam?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when wanting to rent out your property? That’s right, where am I going to find suitable tenants whom I can trust? When having a busy lifestyle you might not even have time for the search. This is where a rental agency comes in handy.

In this blog I will tell you about my own experiences living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and wanting to rent out a property.

Finding the rental agency for you

You could try and manage all of the applicants yourself. Talking form experience, this is a lot of work. My advice is to hire a rental agency. As my property was based in Amsterdam I searched for rental agency Amsterdam and chose the one that fitted best to my wishes. An important factor in choosing a rental agency was how much of the work they would take upon themselves. I was living a busy life and didn’t have time for any extra work load.

What’s next?

The work is not over after finding a suitable tenant. Now you have to look after the property. If something breaks or needs fixing, you are the one the tenant will call. Unless you find someone to manage the property for you. For instance: property management Amsterdam. If you choose for a property manager, they will be the one called when something needs fixing. They might have different types of services, like only technical management, or financial management. Which entails things as collecting rent.

Talking from experience, if you want to make renting a property easy, go for a good agency which cares about your property just as much as you do. I have had experiences with rental agencies that just care about the money. Obviously you want your property taken care of.

This was my experience in Amsterdam, but this probably also goes for other countries and other cities. If you have the means to arrange all of this yourself, definitely go for it! This was just me sharing my wisdom about rental agencies and property management.

Most importantly, do your research. And make sure you know who you want and do not want as tenants. Are you fine with students living there or do you want a family? These are all important factors to think about when renting out your property and are things you should definitely share with your rental agent!